Top 5 stories of 2021

Fiberoptics, rock interpretations, robots and learning – oh my! These are the top Loop stories of 2021.

When looking back at 2021, we find ourselves quite impressed by all the work done by software developers in Equinor. If you’ve missed it, here’s your chance to get a nice ol’ list compiled of the most read stories this year. 

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1. Building a learning organization

If we’re going to lead the way in shaping the future of energy, we need to be able to learn quickly and effectively. Here’s 14 ways we’re going to do it:

2. Meet Taurob!

Robots can help us in endless ways and offshore is no exception! It's time to meet our first autonomous robot: Taurob. It’s here to help us with a variety of tasks offshore, from maintenance work to inspections. 

3. Drilling to the core of it

Geologist at the Equinor Geo Operations Center

Drilling a well is an extremely complex operation, which requires observing a variety of data and logs to see what kind of rock they’re encountering. Now, they can use REAL to automate this work and have interpretations delivered automatically. 

4. Sounds of the subsurface

Thanks to engineering, data engineering and software development, we can use fiber optic cables to livestream sounds from the subsurface, hundreds of kilometers out at sea. Let's meet Fo.tone!

5. Summer interns aboard!

Three of the many hundred summer interns in Equinor in 2021

Our 2021 summer interns developed web apps from scratch and got firsthand experience in what it’s like to be a software developer in Equinor. Did it live up to their expectations? And most important of all, did they learn anything? Find out here!

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