Beyond the Code

Software development stories from Equinor

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An Eye in the Sky for Wind Turbines

How we use publicly available data to help improve the future of our wind farms.

Relax While Your App Creates Itself with Radix

Here’s how our own PaaS is helping us bring continuous delivery to our smaller teams – and why.

Collaboration Equals Change

Read how having software developers sitting together with our subsurface team has led to groundbreaking work.

AI on the High Seas

How teaching a computer to interpret Norwegian is helping us gain new knowledge from historical incident reports.

The Secret to Predicting the Future

Read how machine learning can help us predict failures on our wind turbines – before they happen.

When Developers Meet the North Sea

What did our developers think about spending a day offshore? And why did we fly them out? Find the answer within.

Always Setting a New Course

Starting a new project in Software Innovation can mean choosing entirely new technology. Here’s why.

Walking Down Memory Lane

Relive the highlights of 2018’s Equinor Developer Conference.

– A Great Yearly Meeting

Building a Stronger Team

Lightning-Speed App Delivery

Wondering how an app is making process technicians on Johan Sverdrup more efficient? The answer lies within.

From Cave to Headset

Read how a VR headset is allowing us to walk straight into our data.

Looking for the IT Factor

How a talent show mindset helps us find the next big thing.

Scoping Out a Smarter Future

Learn how a Raspberry Pi and a pair of binoculars can make life a lot easier when doing seismic surveys.

Creating Magic with Machine Learning

How rock samples proved to be quite a perfect match for deep neural networks.

Why Open Source is the Way to Fly

There’s no reason not to share your work with the world when developing software.

Speeding Things Up With Segyio

Learn how a merry band of programmers created a seg-y library 20x faster than the original.

Monitoring the Sound of Silence

Journey into the depths below the sea and find out how one brilliant idea keeps our reservoirs safer.

Inspiring a Community

How do we make sure that everyone stays on top of their game in Software Innovation? As software developers it is crucial to stay relevant. See how we try to encourage people to keep on pushing forwards.

Shaping the Future with HoloLens

Ever wondered what it takes to create holographic magic and put Statoil at the forefront of using HoloLens technology? Wonder no longer, the answer lies within.

Creating Mobility

Read about what it takes to assemble the “Mobile Avengers” – a dream team able to create an app within weeks.